Chiropractic Care for Beginners

Are you new to chiropractic care? Are you interested in finding out more, but are nervous about what treatments will feel like? While most people know that chiropractors treat neck and back issues, there are also so many other ways that they can aid a body in need of healing. A chiropractor is a professional in the healthcare field that focuses on the function of the nervous system and spine. Chiropractic care is about seeking complete wellness, where you can go about your day feeling great and get the most out of life that you want with optimal potential. 

Why is the spine so important to our health?

To understand how chiropractic care works, you have to consider the spine’s responsibilities in regards to the human body. The spine is placed along our back to act as a shield and protect the spinal cord. The spine is made of segments that can bend and allow the body to move naturally.

Underneath it all within the nervous system, plenty is happening. Messages are continually traveling from the spinal cord, to the brain, and around the body. The brain processes messages sent from the spinal cord, and replies back to inform the body on how to respond. Now, if the spinal cord isn’t functioning at it’s best due to illness or injury, then it can impact the rest of the body.

Should people with no injury or illness still see a chiropractor?

Yes! Many people use chiropractic care as preventative health care as well. The central nervous system is a large information highway that sends important signals to every area of the human body. Even everyday wear and tear on the spine can eventually lead to the body working in a less than optimal way. Depending on how active you are and what you do for a living, you may need adjustments from a chiropractor on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

What are spinal adjustment treatment sessions going to be like?

The most common treatment that chiropractors perform are called spinal adjustments, where they use a tool or their hands to apply fast yet gentle force to specific areas of your spinal column and other joints. The goal is to bring these joints and vertebrae into proper alignment, so your nervous system can function at its best. During these sessions, you may hear popping or cracking sounds, which are normal and are not something you have to worry about. These sounds are from air/gas between the vertebrae being released, and many people feel immediate relief afterwards.

What if I am nervous to have my body twisted and turned?
People who have never tried chiropractic care before may be apprehensive about having their body twisted and turned in peculiar ways. However, keep in mind that your chiropractor in Laurel, MD is a trained medical professional who is always in complete control of how they are maneuvering your body. When looking for a chiropractor, do plenty of research to ensure this person has the proper qualifications and experience. And when meeting with your chiropractor, be sure to inform them about any symptoms you are feeling, so they address these areas.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care for beginners.