Chiropractic Treatment for Football Injuries

Football is an intense and competitive sport that can result in many injuries to players. Chiropractic care offers treatment options to the most common injuries sustained and can provide relief that lasts. When you choose chiropractic care for pain relief, you are opting for full body care that supports health in many different ways.

The most common injuries seen in football players include:

  • Hamstring strains
  • Muscle strains
  • Knee ligament injuries
  • Rotator cuff strains
  • Ankle sprain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Shin splints
  • Metatarsal stress fractures
  • Concussions

These musculoskeletal and brain injury problems are not unique to football players. Many types of sports enthusiasts suffer these injuries because sports push players to their limits stretching ligaments, compressing bones, and expending muscle activity to the hilt while adrenaline pumps, making players feel invincible. In fact, the mental component of sports that helps participants perform can also hinder healing. Additionally, pain relievers used by many to cover up troubling symptoms can also hinder recuperative efforts later. 

Recovery After Practice

Players need to recuperate in a manner that fully heals them after practice so that they can be ready for the next game big game and to keep them on the field that much longer. The way a player improves off the field is crucial because it impacts how they mentally and physically perform during the big game and beyond. Chiropractors are well trained in all aspects of musculoskeletal conditions, and recognize the need for complete care and can provide help to improve performance and reduce pain.   

Treating Pain and Injuries 

During your first examination at the chiropractor’s office, let your practitioner know about current pain and previous injuries. Acute muscle tightness in the hips, shoulders, or back from muscle spasm can result in imbalance and affect pain in the legs, arms, and neck. Ligament strains from bone-muscle connection and overstretching take a long time to heal and require attentive care. Old injuries such as hamstrings strains, foot fractures, and concussions will impact the whole body if left untreated over time. A good chiropractor will observe your posture and gait to gain insight into these problems. Be sure to disclose other aspects of your sports medical history to obtain the best results from care.

Hip trauma during a match will affect the local joint as well as connected areas — the lower back, legs, ankles, and feet all suffer from hip arthropathy. Chiropractic care includes evaluation and treatment of all related areas in this kinetic chain — spinal mobilization to balance nerve flow, massage and physical therapy of leg and hip muscles, adjustments to the feet and ankles if needed to improve lower posture support. Specially trained chiropractors can use acupuncture treatment as well. The dry needling technique can help to remove muscle knots more quickly. Similarly, shoulder trauma relates to the neck down to the hands and responds well to treatment provided at the chiropractic office.