How do you eliminate mold in a building?

When mold is first discovered in a home or office, the owner may not initially realize that demolition services, like demolition services in Malibu, CA, may be necessary if the problem is serious. If the cause of the mold is not identified and addressed, the mold will likely spread. When mold is unaddressed, it can cause deadly health issues. Immediate remediation is important. 

What is involved with mold remediation demolition services?

In cases where the mold issue is limited to carpet and small surface areas, it can often be cleaned. Though the carpet may need to be replaced if shampooing it is not sufficient, you may be able to complete these tasks yourself or hire a company to do them for you. However, if the mold problem is advanced, it may be safer and ultimately less costly to eliminate all traces of it by employing demolition services and rebuilding. 

Depending on the degree of mold infestation, the demolition services required might include any of the following:

·         Removal of water damaged and/or mold infested materials. This may include destroyed carpeting, furniture, etc.

·         Removal of wall studs, drywall, flooring, and mold-affected framing.

·         Removal of mold-affected appliances.

·         Removal of mold-affected personal items.

·         Removal of mold-affected insulation, air and heating ducts, and other items.

·         Removal of mold-affected miscellaneous items.

Does insurance cover mold remediation demolition services?

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not cover mold remediation services of any kind. It’s best to check with them however, because if the mold problem originated from an emergency covered by your policy (a burst pipe for example), you may have coverage. However, if the mold developed over time because of a persistent water leak or seepage, or from a flood (unless you have flood insurance) you are probably not covered. Your insurance agent can tell you if the particular mold problem you’re suffering from is covered by your policy. If you wish to submit a claim to your insurance company,

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