A Clinical Psychologist on Stress

A Clinical Psychologist on Stress

When it comes to certain stressors in life, it is not uncommon to find little ways to cope with them. Perhaps you treat yourself to a coffee, go out for a drink with friends to blow off steam, or go for a walk. However, it is not always easy to find coping techniques that work when you are feeling stressed which can cause this temporary feeling to become a more chronic form of anxiety or depression. Certain techniques may not work because they do not work for that particular stressful situation or the technique is not well-suited for the person’s personality. Clinical psychologists know that dealing with stress is not always easy and it not only affects you but the other relationships in your life. To learn more about how stress can impact you and what you can do about it, please set up an appointment today. 

Top 3 Types of Stress

There are a few types of stress that you may want to know more about. 

  1. Chronic Stress. When you deal with stress on a regular basis, it is likely chronic stress. This does not just pop up depending on the situation you are in. Instead, dealing with chronic stress can leave you feeling burnt out, emotionally and physically drained or fatigued, and like you have no options left. The clinical psychologists at our office can recommend a few things to help with chronic stress. For example, regular exercises, meditation, developing supportive relationships, and a healthy diet all play key factors in managing chronic stress.
  2. Acute Stress. Unlike chronic stress, acute stress flares up when something unexpected or unwelcome pops into your life. This does not last indefinitely but it will likely leave you with some anxiety and a feeling of being off-kilter. It is important to find techniques that work for you when you feel this type of stress. For example, we often recommend cognitive reframing, muscle relaxation techniques, and even certain breathing exercises. 
  3. Emotional Stress. Emotional stress is often closely linked with the relationships in our lives. Because of this, the stress is often very strong and can bring on a bigger physical reaction than other types of stress. When you are struggling with emotional stress, you may want to surround yourself with supportive friends, start a journal, or listen to music that relaxes you. 

We believe it is important to deal with your stress as it comes, which is why when you come to therapy sessions your doctor will work on techniques to help you cope with stress at the moment it occurs. It can also help to have an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL available when you need someone to talk to in a safe, judgment-free zone. For more information on how one of the clinical psychologists can help you set up your appointment now. 

Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into counseling and stress.