Are All Patients Adjusted Similarly?

When it comes to chiropractic care, there are many techniques that are used, and there are also many different patients with many different health concerns. Because each situation is so unique, there are unique ways to handle them. If you feel going to the chiropractor will result in getting adjusted the same way every other patient is adjusted, think again. The following are some things your chiropractor will do to determine a unique adjustment schedule for your body.

Going Over Your Medical History

Everyone has a history. Even if you haven’t suffered any major health concerns of your own, there could be some health issues in your family’s medical history. Be sure you disclose all major illnesses and diseases to your chiropractor so he or she can make an informed decision about your course of treatment. Your medical history could divulge some important information about past treatment, back surgeries and other issues that will need attention before the chiropractor can perform adjustments.

Conducting a Visual and Manual Examination

There are some movements and actions your chiropractor will probably ask you to make so he or she can get an idea about how you move. Are you stiff? Does your arm stop at a point at which it shouldn’t? Can you not rotate your neck as far as you should be able to?

Your chiropractor will also feel around your spine to see if there are problem areas. If your subluxation is really bad, the chiropractor could be able to feel that. If it’s a milder case, there may not be much to manually examine. This is also a great way for the chiropractor to check for serious issues, such as tumors and similar problems, and while these are rare, he or she would then refer you to the appropriate medical professional.

Possibly Ordering Additional Diagnostic Tests

Some diagnostic tests may be required for your chiropractor to get an accurate idea of what he or she is dealing with. In most cases, it’s nothing more than a urinalysis or a blood test, but it could also include an x-ray, MRI or other similar type of test. Many patients do not have to do these diagnostic tests, but there is a possibility.

Getting Your Treatment Started

Chiropractic treatment can be the difference between living a limited life and one that is full of everything you love. When you’re ready to get mobility back, contact a chiropractor, like from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, to get your course of treatment started.