Children and Chiropractic Therapy

As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child, which makes it heart-wrenching when you see them in pain. While circumstances may dictate medical intervention and drug regimens, there are some scenarios where a naturalistic approach is preferred. Unfortunately, there has been much debate, unfounded, around the safety of chiropractic care and children. While doctors of chiropractic try to reassure patients that treatment is safe with limited and low risks, it is challenging to provide confidence when two medical fields are conflicted. However, evidence-based research supports the claim that chiropractic treatment is safe, even for children.

Potential for Injury and Adverse Outcomes

Despite the uproar in the medical community, little evidence supports the idea that chiropractic care performed on minors is dangerous. In fact, the low number of reported injuries or adverse outcomes are typically associated with pre-existing conditions and pathologies. For the injuries that occurred as a result of spinal manipulations or adjustments directly, it was due to the use of too much thrust when making the adjustment. Therefore, instead of writing off chiropractic treatments as dangerous, consider taking your child to a chiropractor who has experience with younger individuals.

Risk of Death

There are some that argue about the potential for severe harm or even death of a child who receives chiropractic treatment. These claims are unfounded. In fact, there are no reported cases of deaths associated with chiropractic care in children.

Is Chiropractic Therapy Safe?

Yes. According to research and health organizations all over the world, chiropractic treatments are safe. However, it should be mentioned that chiropractic is safe when practiced and performed by a licensed and certified practitioner. Doctors of chiropractic are highly skilled individuals, and they have undergone extensive schooling and training to become licensed professionals. While the adjustments may seem easy to perform on your own or with the help of a friend, spinal manipulations are precise and measured adjustments that should never be performed by someone unlicensed and inexperienced. Therefore, do not attempt to make adjustments to your child’s back or neck on your own, and don’t encourage them to do it on their own either. Only trust a practiced and licensed professional, which is the safest course of action.

If your child is suffering from a chronic pain disorder or has experienced any sudden problems in their joints or muscles, then consider chiropractic care, like a chiropractor for physical therapy. Despite the debate around the practice of spinal manipulations on children, there is no concrete evidence that such treatments are dangerous. If you have any more questions, then contact a local doctor of chiropractic.