Hiring a Professional Asbestos Inspector

Discovering that asbestos has been hidden away in your house can be scary. The threats asbestos poses to your health can be severe if it is not dealt with properly. Fortunately, asbestos does not cause major harm if it has gone untouched. However, damage from construction or other activities can break off fibers that easily get into the lungs. Identifying and removing asbestos under proper management and techniques can be the safest way to secure your home, and that’s where an inspector comes in.

Reasons to Hire an Inspector

Anyone looking to buy a house that was built before the 1990s should have an asbestos inspector as a part of their list of pre-purchasing inspections. Knowing if a house has asbestos can change whether or not you still want to buy, as you’ll have to get the asbestos removed. Similarly, those interested in renovations on a house that is older than the 90s should get an inspection to guarantee they won’t discover any surprise asbestos when they tear into the walls or floors. If you suspect you may have asbestos in your home, you should contact an inspector right away.

Things an Inspector Looks For

Asbestos is not easy to identify, as it’s usually in places you don’t normally look. An inspector may search for asbestos in insulation in the walls, in the floors or ceilings, lining pipes and heating ducts, surrounding boilers, in garage cement and in siding or stucco. Oftentimes, they will take a sample of any material suspected of housing asbestos and send it to a lab to be analyzed. If the results come back positive, they can advise you on what to do next.

Precautions After Discovering Asbestos 

If your house contains asbestos, avoid disturbing those materials or block off large areas that have it. Make sure children understand not to cross the boundaries of that area. Don’t clean or use any tools on an asbestos material, as that could break it up and shoot fibers into the air.

Follow-ups With a Contractor 

Asbestos removal contractors are professionals who remove dangerous materials from your home. They have special equipment, like decontamination units and protective gear, that allows the safe transfer of asbestos out of the house. State laws on asbestos removal vary depending on where you live, so it’s recommended that you look into a contractor’s background and credentials before hiring one to make sure they are reliable and effective. Never hesitate to reach out to an asbestos contractor, like Nielsen Environmental, with questions.