How Can a Chiropractor Help If I Wasn’t in an Accident?

How Can a Chiropractor Help If I Wasn’t in an Accident?

When many people think about chiropractors, they think about back or neck pain as the result of an accident. There are hundreds of reasons someone might benefit from chiropractic care, however, and many of them have nothing to do with accidents. The following are some other reasons you might be suffering from neck pain and may want to see a chiropractor.

Diseases and Illnesses

There are some diseases that specifically affect the joints, which could put your neck in a lot of pain. There are other diseases that don’t specifically affect the joints in every situation but can still cause your neck to hurt. Some diseases that could cause neck pain include meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and other similar illnesses and diseases. A chiropractor can’t cure the disease, but he or she can help with pain management.

Muscle Strains

Especially in a day of technology, muscle strains are becoming more prevalent. Whether you watch too much television, are glued to your phone all day, or have a job that requires too many hours at the computer, your muscles could be getting strained, which is going to cause your neck to start hurting. Technology isn’t the only culprit, like sewing, writing, reading a book, or anything that requires a similar body position will also strain your neck muscles.

Worn Out Joints

Every joint in the body wears out as you age. Your neck is no exception. Over time, the cartilage could begin to deteriorate. This makes the bones rub together when you move, which causes bone spurs and severe pain. A chiropractor can work on the issue to help you get a full range of motion back.

Nerve Compression

Your spinal cord has nerves coming off of it. When those are pinched or something presses against them, you’ll begin to feel the pain. This is often the result of compression that comes from bone spurs or herniated disks. Both of these issues are typically natural occurrences that simply need some attention.

Contact a Chiropractor for More Information

Oftentimes, the best medicine is prevention. Sit with good posture, adjust your chair, take a break after prolonged sitting, quit smoking, and avoid carrying heavy objects. While these actions can help to prevent neck pain, sometimes it just happens, even when you’re not in any type of accident. If you’ve got a concern and need to discuss your neck, contact a chiropractor in your area, like the Lotus Wellness Center, a chiropractic clinic, for more information today.