The Role of a Couples Therapist During Divorce

Discussing relationship challenges can be a vulnerable place to be. There are a number of reasons couples seek counseling as a way to discuss issues in their relationship. While many may seek therapy to repair their relationship, others may reach the difficult decision to move towards ending the relationship. If this has occurred, you may be wondering how the couples therapist will support you and your partner through this shift in your goals. The following can help you to obtain answers to the most frequently asked questions divorcing couples may have:

What happens with couples counseling if my spouse and I decide to pursue a divorce?

It’s not uncommon for a couple to reach the decision to file for divorce while going to couples therapy. In some cases, a therapist’s office can provide a safe space for a person to share with their partner that their intention to end the relationship. When this occurs, the focus for couples will naturally move away from attempts to save a marriage. An experienced couples therapist will not attempt to dissuade you from the decision you have come to but rather assist in helping you to move forward with the divorce process. 

If my spouse and I decide to end the relationship and pursue divorce, will our couples therapist try to persuade us to continue working on the relationship?

Much of the time a couples therapist will not make attempts to talk a couple out of moving forward with divorce. They will work with couples in assisting them to make their own decisions. Should the couple choose to take this path, they can assist the couples to find closure and move forward. 

What key decisions will need to be made during the divorce process?

Once you have decided to divorce there will be a number of decisions to make. Ending a marriage can be incredibly difficult. Not only will couples be left to face painful emotions, they will need to begin the process of separating their lives. Common decisions couples will need to make include:

  • Determine physical and legal custody if they have children
  • Agree upon child support
  • Division of assets
  • Health insurance
  • And much more

These decisions are sure to be heated. When making decisions about finances and the care of children, couples can quickly become at odds with each other. Some of the time, a couples therapist can assist in an amicable divorce process. 

Will a couples therapist provide testimony during my divorce?

Should your case go to trial, it’s not uncommon for couples to call witnesses to testify. In some situations, you may want your couples therapist to testify during divorce proceedings. During divorce, a therapist may take on the role of a neutral mental health provider to assist couples in reaching decisions. However, it’s important to be aware that a couples therapist will likely attempt to quash the subpoena to testify in order to protect the therapeutic relationship. 

Couples counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL, provides a number of benefits and can even help couples to successfully reach the decision to pursue divorce. While in some cases couples therapy can effectively help couples to improve their relationship, sometimes it can be a way for coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is over. A couples therapist can provide an objective and supportive space to reach this decision. For help, contact a couples therapist today. 

Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into the role of a couples therapist during divorce.