What Specialties Can a Chiropractor Choose?


All chiropractors undergo rigorous training to obtain their license, but some may go on to specialize in a specific field. When you are looking for the right chiropractor to treat your pain, look into the types of specialties the chiropractor has. Some chiropractors are especially trained in certain areas. If you are an athlete who recently tore an ACL for example, a chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine may be able to treat you using techniques specifically designed for your injury. There are many different areas of concentration that a chiropractor like one from AmeriWell Clinics may receive additional training for. 


A chiropractic treatment plan can consist of more than just hands-on or assisted chiropractic techniques. Diet and clinical nutrition play a key role in improving and maintaining health. Weight loss combined with a healthy diet can help you achieve good neuromusculoskeletal health. Chiropractors may complement a nutrition program with your chiropractic care so you can get the best results. 

Sports Medicine

Many patients see a chiropractor because they have sustained an injury while playing a sports activity. They specialize in treating athletes and helping them prevent further injuries. A sports chiropractor is knowledgeable in techniques and treatments that allow athletes to recover more quickly. You should consider going to a sports chiropractor if you are an athlete and want to learn how to improve your performance and strengthen your body so it stays in top condition. 


Like doctors, chiropractors can also specialize in pediatric care. They know how to treat conditions prevalent among children and young adults up to 18 years old. Children’s bodies are more delicate, flexible and contain more cartilage, so chiropractic techniques must be modified so that they receive the appropriate care. 

Occupational Health

Another popular specialization among chiropractors is occupational health, which focuses on helping patients do tasks in their work as well as their everyday life. Chiropractors who have a focus on occupational health help their patients with their movement and help them increase their strength so they can accomplish their work-related tasks safely and effectively. 


For patients who need assistance after becoming injured in car accidents or are recovering from surgery, they may see a chiropractor who has a concentration in rehabilitative care. With chiropractic care that emphasizes rehabilitation, patients can recover from their injuries faster, prevent future injuries, and manage their pain. 

Reach out to a chiropractor and see what their specialties are by scheduling an appointment.